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        Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser


        Always Provide Valuable Service to Customers

        Listen to customers / Analysis customers’ need / Solve customers’ problem / Improve laser application / Remould industry status


        Focus on industry trends, insisting on market-oriented to develop and research new products.

        Analyze customer needs

        Our specialists carry out feasibility analyses and help you to choose the right laser systems and tools for your individual applications.

        Precision manufacturing

        High standards of precision manufacturing, to provide customers with high quality laser machines and solutions.

        Complete product delivery

        Complete the production, delivery, installation and training of laser machines within the time specified in the contract.

        Improve the quality of customized products

        Summarize the experience information of customers in the same industry and improve the performance and function of laser machines.

        Enhance the influence of product characteristics

        Focus on improving product details, as well as the characteristics and advantages of laser machines in the segmentation field, beyond customer expectation.

        Pre-sales service consultation

        Make the right choice for your application industry to meet your requirements. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you on the GOLDEN LASER’s versatile laser systems.

        Our specialists conduct a feasibility analysis to help you choose the right laser systems for your application.

        Our wide range of laser machines offer you favorable conditions at any time. Quickly and simply make the transition to laser technologies.

        With the development and upgrade of laser systems as well as software update, we are constantly to open up new capabilities and applications.

        On-site Installation, Commissioning and Training

        To achieve the optimal processing parameters of production and ensure safe and efficient use of your laser machines.

        We conduct comprehensive system, operation and maintenance training on site. The training includes:

        Laser safety protection knowledge

        The basic principle of lasers

        Laser system configuration

        Software operation

        System operation and precautions

        System daily maintenance, laser adjustment and spare parts replacement operation skills

        Maintenance & servicing

        With our maintenance and service, we provide you with fast and reliable support, enable your high-precision laser machine run smoothly in production.

        Technical issues and complaints

        In case of technical questions and faults for your laser machines purchased from Golden Laser, please contact:


        0086-27-82943848 (Asia & Africa?area)

        0086-27-85697551 (Europe & Oceania area)

        0086-27-85697585 (America area)

        Customer Service

        Email info@goldenlaser.net

        If you have any questions regarding a fault, please provide us with the following information:

        ?? Your name and company name

        ?? The photo of the nameplate on your goldenlaser machine (indicating Model Number, Series Number and the Date of shipment)

        nameplate(Nameplate is like this)

        ?? Description of the fault

        Our technicial service team will immediately support you.

        Send your message to us:

        Write your message here and send it to us

        Send your message to us:

        Write your message here and send it to us

        Send your message to us:

        Write your message here and send it to us