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        Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

        Laser Cutting of Kevlar and Aramid

        Laser Cutting Solutions for Kevlar (Aramid)

        Goldenlaser offers specialist CO? laser cutting machines to facilitate the cutting process of Kevlar and Aramid based products in the production procedure, effectively increasing productivity and cut quality.

        Applicable Laser Processing for Kevlar (Aramid) - Laser Cutting

        Kevlar and aramid are difficult to cut using conventional machining methods because of their thermal and mechanical properties. Cutting of Kevlar and aramid with conventional methods results in poor end-product quality and excessive specific energy requirement for machining. However, laser machining has considerable advantages over the conventional methods due to precision and rapid processing.

        As a modern cutting tool, laser cutting machine offers the advantages of a high-quality end product, operational precision and a high degree of flexibility, resulting in very well accepted in the textile and industrial sectors. Cutting through Kevlar with CO2 laser cutter is very doable.?Laser cutting is contactless and, unlike knives or blades, the laser beam is always sharp and does not dull, thus ensuring consistent cut quality.?The heat generated by the laser during the cutting of Kevlar seals the edges and eliminates fraying.

        Benefits from Laser cutting of Kevlar (Aramid)

        Non-contact laser cutting, no deformation or damage to the material

        Clean and neat cut edges, no post-treatment required

        Capable of cutting intricate and complex patterns of virtually any size

        High quality cutting - excellent tolerance with little heat affected zone

        Fast and repeatable cutting to the exact specifications of as per drawing

        No need for any custom-designed tooling

        Less material contamination, physical damage and waste

        Aramid, Kevlar material information and related laser cutting technology

        kevlar fiber

        Aramid, short for "aromatic polyamide", is a high-performance man-made synthetic fiber. Aramid has a number of beneficial mechanical properties that make it such an important material in many different fields. It is usually used as fibre reinforcement for polymer matrix composites.?Kevlar?is a type of?aramid fiber. It is woven into textile materials and is extremely strong and lightweight, with resistance toward corrosion and heat. It is used in vast applications such as aerospace engineering (such as the body of the aircraft), body armor, bulletproof vests, car brakes, and boats. It is usually made into composites.?Kevlar?can also be combined with other fibers to produce hybrid composites.

        Due to their high strength and toughness as well as the fibres tend to fuzz, aramid and Kevlar are difficult to drill and cut, requiring special device to cut the material.?Laser cutting?is a powerful and effective processing method for many composites.?Laser cutting machine?is capable of cutting various forms of composite materials, including aramid and Kevlar, making it possible to provide economic solutions for rapid turnover of high-quality products.

        Typical applications for laser-cut Aramid and Kevlar

        Bulletproof vests, body armor and cut-resistant clothing

        Protective clothing,? e.g. for helmets, gloves, motorcycle clothing and racing clothing

        Automotive and aerospace industry

        Industrial segments, e.g. gaskets

        Related terms of Kevlar

        Aramid Fibre


        Glass Fibre

        Carbon Fiber

        Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

        Recommended CO2 laser machine for the cutting of Kevlar? fabrics

        Gear and rack driven

        Large format working area

        Fully enclosed structure

        High speed, high precision, highly automated

        CO2 metal RF lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

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